At AB Computing Systems, we are proud to offer you a wide mix of Consulting,Technology and Offshore Services to various businesses. With complete expertise and huge experience in offshore outsourcing industry, AB Computing Systems is able to thoroughly analyze each individual company’s requirements and provide quality solutions compressing process time at highly competitive prices.

Consulting Services:

The days of flying an entire team of business consultants to a client site, incurring the high costs of travel, and thinking about problems with a local perspective are over. We knew that clients were tired of this old model of consulting. As the pioneer of the Global Delivery Model, we developed a new model for consulting based on a simple idea: A blended offering of high quality business consulting onsite with impeccable technology implementation offsite.

Offshore Services:

Offshore Software outsourcing is the widely practiced method among organizations and companies to better leverage businesses by focusing on their core business, cut costs and enlarge profit boundaries. By outsourcing your software needs, you can reduce the risk of in-house infrastructure and staffing and gain competitive edge in today’s aggressive marketplace.

Turnkey Services:

ABCS also offers turnkey operations services to its clients through its robust technical team, project management process and state of the art development centers both onshore and offshore.